Technical Events: Worth to attend!

WTM Event

Back in 2017, when I just started my technical career and interest in Computer Science, I attended this event from WTM Delhi lead by Chhavi P. Gupta, and I was so fortunate to spend a day with inspiring women in tech where I shared ideas, interact with women from different colleges of Delhi, talked with professionals on different topics, and witnessed panel discussion. WTM’s event is worth to attend as it involves a lot of activities, swags, pizza, and a lot of informative discussions on technology.


Panel Discussion


Group picture at the end of the event.

In my case, first I introduced myself, talked to women about international research papers, products who have potential to make a change, how we need to work to make the gender ratio equal, got to know some programs in STEM courses and so many things. Well, last but not least, I got some cool WTM tees, had so much fun and experienced things and it was worth attending.

FB Dev Circles Event

Facebook Developer Circles is one of the famous technical group in Delhi, it hosts technical events, workshops, and share a ton of opportunities to everyone. I first encountered this group in early 2017 and it has been growing continuously. When I attended, it was a technical event consisting of several tracks lined up like on bitcoins, discussion, tech trends and the growth of the community. Professionals were there to speak on the topic and to share some insights on technology.  

I asked questions related to the talks and shared my views on it. It was so much fun meeting new people and catching up with the fellows that you have met in other events. I shared my own knowledge to the people and to the ones who just started their career in tech.  Food and folks of these technical events are the best part, these events give you the chance to network and enhance your knowledge and help you in building your career.

I’ve also attended events of Google Developers Group New Delhi, Women Who Code etc which were really helpful. 

FBdc img

Group picture after the FB Dev Circle’s event.


Learn IT, Girl! Program 3rd Edition 2017-2018

Hi, this blog post is about my journey as a participant of Learn IT, Girl! 3rd Edition Program from Oct 2017- Jan 2018.
Introduction: First of all, let me give you the introduction of the program, Learn IT, Girl! is an organization that supports women in tech, they run a program for 3 months(Oct to Jan in my case) of code after selecting girls from all over the world to teach programming language. It’s applications begin in September and ends in October. For selection, you have to answer some questions like a programming language that you want to learn, the project idea that you want to develop and motivation etc. After submission of the application, you will get a confirmation if you are selected after some time and will get assigned a mentor to guide you through the journey.
It begins when I was surfing on the internet and encountered with this post of Lean IT, Girl! to apply to the program to take part in. I then submitted my application answering every question that was asked as a mentee(you can apply for a mentee or a mentor).
After some time I got a mail from the organization saying I am selected as one of the participants of the 3rd edition of their program and allotted a mentor to help you in learning. I reached out to my mentor and gave him the idea of my knowledge and project. We decided the timeline and the material to study and work. I started to work in my first week and earned the badges after accomplishing the tasks on the LITG platform that my mentor used to give me by solving every problem on GitHub and other platforms. I asked him the doubts to move ahead. For me being a full-time undergrad that was not easy to devote time but if you want to do something, you will do it even in the toughest situations.
Project: In these 3 months, I worked on a web-based application to track the activities of human-like scheduling, fixing a meeting, or other plans using Python and Django framework. I successfully implemented Django in my project. In this application, there were few tabs like login/register, schedules, categories and a feedback form to make this application efficient and user-friendly.



This program helped me in to be in coding and how to manage your time. It was truly an experience that was worth. After 3 months of working on a project, every participant has to show the work done in 3 months to evaluate the project. To get a certificate, you have to pass the evaluation of the final project. I gave them the repository link on GitHub where I added the code of the project and send them the presentation of the project implemented.
After evaluation, I passed the program and I was one of the developers to pass the 3rd edition. Soon I received the certificate of achievement. I am so proud that I’ve completed this edition and learned so many things. It kickstarted my technical career and my interest in the field of Computer Science and it’s applications.

Smart India Hackathon’17 Selection


sih2017-homeI would like to share my experience of being a selected participant of Smart India Hackathon 2017.


Firstly, it’s a very good initiative of the government of India that it is giving Indian developers a good opportunity to showcase their work and to contribute to their own country. Smart India hackathon is India’s no.1 hackathon till date and its process started from the problem statements given by the ministries and departments of India that they face on a daily basis and creating a bad impact on the development of the country.They asked students to choose one of the problems to make a reliable solution and send their proposed solutions to them for selection. After this, we got a confirmation mail saying “You have been selected for the Final round of Smart India Hackathon”. Then they call us on the respective centers to come for the final round where we have to implement that project.


Now the next phase is to work on that project TOGETHER. As we are 6 members in a team having different opinions on different things and it is difficult in the beginning to make decisions
properly but as we learnt now that how much teamwork matters and how it can be done easily then after so many meetings we divided our work separately and in two parts, for the first one is hardware part and the second one is the software part.
We have seen a bit of trouble finding the suitable hardware that we needed like cheap and easily available and the one who full fill the need of this project but we crossed this phase too.
Now the software part comes, we all decided and made many diagrams for making the software structure for the ease of work. It includes a major part of development and coding which is a continuous process. We decided to use different languages that will be compatible with our project, then we opt some and studied it well in time now we are working and hoping for the best.
How I become a part of this, as my leader approached me to join this team and I have no idea about the work, at that time I never knew it that this is going to be a very big opportunity for me to learn something new and experience something different. As I am experienced being working as a developer but this time I am working in a team and learning different languages on which I have never worked before and “building something that matters”.
So this was my experience till now and I am hoping for the best as we are working hard for this.
Whatever the conclusion is, we are giving our 100%.