Smart India Hackathon’17 Selection


sih2017-homeI would like to share my experience of being a selected participant of Smart India Hackathon 2017.


Firstly, it’s a very good initiative of the government of India that it is giving Indian developers a good opportunity to showcase their work and to contribute to their own country. Smart India hackathon is India’s no.1 hackathon till date and its process started from the problem statements given by the ministries and departments of India that they face on a daily basis and creating a bad impact on the development of the country.They asked students to choose one of the problems to make a reliable solution and send their proposed solutions to them for selection. After this, we got a confirmation mail saying “You have been selected for the Final round of Smart India Hackathon”. Then they call us on the respective centers to come for the final round where we have to implement that project.


Now the next phase is to work on that project TOGETHER. As we are 6 members in a team having different opinions on different things and it is difficult in the beginning to make decisions
properly but as we learnt now that how much teamwork matters and how it can be done easily then after so many meetings we divided our work separately and in two parts, for the first one is hardware part and the second one is the software part.
We have seen a bit of trouble finding the suitable hardware that we needed like cheap and easily available and the one who full fill the need of this project but we crossed this phase too.
Now the software part comes, we all decided and made many diagrams for making the software structure for the ease of work. It includes a major part of development and coding which is a continuous process. We decided to use different languages that will be compatible with our project, then we opt some and studied it well in time now we are working and hoping for the best.
How I become a part of this, as my leader approached me to join this team and I have no idea about the work, at that time I never knew it that this is going to be a very big opportunity for me to learn something new and experience something different. As I am experienced being working as a developer but this time I am working in a team and learning different languages on which I have never worked before and “building something that matters”.
So this was my experience till now and I am hoping for the best as we are working hard for this.
Whatever the conclusion is, we are giving our 100%.